Handle inbound and outbound calls with an embedded web-phone

With the introduction of the Software as a service technology delivery form, the virtual call center has emerged. There are many open source contact center platforms existing to provide businesses of all ranges. An open source center, vici dial is widely used by thousands of companies and organizations from around the world.

An inbound call center client required to be able to know how many agents they would need on an hourly basis for all of their inbound queues. It presents a forecasting report that would use past call and agent data and some input from the company about what service levels they need to sustain. Now they can make a report to see how many agents they will need to be active on each queue on an hourly basis to handle the calls that come in. Vicidial contact center provides an excess features and capabilities such as,

  • Inbound automatic call distributor (ACD),
  • Outbound predictive dialling
  • Skills-based agent routing
  • Full call recording
  • Inbound email handling

With its offerings, top notch customer service, and dedicated hardware plans, vici dial has been familiar with several organizations as one of the best contact center solutions in the market today. They present the contact agents with a Unified Agent Screen. This aspect permits them to handle inbound and outbound phone calls, as well as inbound emails and website customer chat sessions exclusive of having to open multiple screens and adjust views from one screen to another.

It comes with an embedded web-phone capability that doesn’t need difficult configurations for agents to manage. It is fully effectively fight off the paddle. As an open-Source platform, the users can notice how the system works right down at the code level and can make a variation to so they can modify it to their workflows and needs. There are popular and extensively used scheme in each software group. So, choose the best fit for the organization’s unique requirements.