Simple To Set Up Your Company in Hong Kong

Many entrepreneurs and investors today are choosing to setup their businesses abroad– especially in Hong Kong. Rationale behind such trend is to facilitate entry in the international market and get benefit from the tax friendly authority. They are the leading international service hub and value added manufacturing system. They are the freest economies of the world and gateway for investment into China. HK company registration services can offer you the expert services in helping you in Hong Kong company registry of your business.

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Low Rate Tax Benefits

Hong Kong combines the low-rate tax rule with the free market values. There’re no limitations on inbound/outbound investment and no nationality restrictions for ownership. The foreigners can also invest in any business or company and own 100% of its equity. Tax system in Hong Kong is territorial. The profits from Hong Kong business will be subject to the profits tax but the foreign income isn’t taxable even though remitted to HK company registration. There’s not any sales tax, capital gains, withholding tax on interest and dividends and inheritance tax.

Besides being the major commercial and financial centre, Hong Kong highly serves as the regional headquarters and financial hub for Asia Pacific area. They act as the gateway for businesses who are looking to start the business in China and enterprises seeking an access to the global market.

Hiring the Professional Services

Professional HK company registration services you’ve selected for your company creation will take complete care of necessary formalities right from the start till the end. Hiring the competent and professional HK company registration service is important as this relationship will be continuous and long-term. The company you hire can:

  • Reserve your choice of company name and prepare all necessary documents that have to be filed in Company Registrar.
  • Collect necessary identifications documents and details.
  • File incorporation documents and get Certificate of Incorporation.