The Art Of Direction And The Ideal Motion Picture


Making the ideal movie or a play is something that only few people or few filmmakers have hoped to achieve and some have even succeeded. First of all, what makes the ideal movie? In fact let us dwell into the makings and what goes into the creation of an ideal movie. The art of story-telling in a movie is quite simple, make sure the compelling story that you are trying to portray is done in a thrilling and fantastical way. After that there is nothing else that is crucial for the movie, everything else is just used to enhance the movie experience like the CGI and the other effects like sound and the character actors. A creative and compelling story is something that very few filmmakers lack, thus making the foundation weak and then everything falling apart from there. It is simple to give a compelling story but is hard to execute it. Similarly, the ideals of a movie will be portrayed in the merchandise and goodies of the movie. If the ideals of the movie are something of a fantastical nature with a compelling story like the totoro hoodie then there is a far better longevity streak for the movie as well as the filmmakers responsible for the creation of the movie.

Making The Best With What You Have

When a story is being told, then there are lot of factors that need to be considered as to how that story is being told and what are the tools being used to portray that. The same way, when a merchandise like the spirited away no face is being used to honour the event of a movie that has a compelling story, it is quite difficult for anyone to destroy that and it reigns supreme over the others that may have success in the long run in terms of money but not in terms of fame and giving a great story.


Ideally, any filmmaker would like to have riches and the glory that comes with movie making but the important goal must be with story-telling.