Instagram’s money source

Instagram was launched in 2010 and has since grown rapidly with nearly as much as 800 mllon users by the end of 2017. The amount of photos uploaded on Instagram exceeds 40 billion. In short, the popularity of Instagram is one that keeps growing with days.

Instagram is a free app that gives you the opportunity to share your photos. Ideally, that would seem like a scam. But since we are so used to using Instagram, it doesn’t strike us. Running such a huge enterprise is not possible for free.

We usually don’t give it much thought, but if all of Instagram’s services are free, how does it make money, and a lot of it at that.

Let’s take a look at how it works.

1- Advertisements

The number one source of income for buy instagram followers are the advertisements. You should have noticed certain sponsored posts on your feeds. These sponsored posts are advertisemetns of companies that pay Instagram to place those ads along with your posts.

If we were to look at Instagram’s coverage, we would find that it has more than 800 million users. This makes it an ideal medium for companies to promote themselves.

2- Info sharing

Instagram doesnt sell your information but it can share your information with sister companies like Facebook etc. Sometimes they might share information with advertisers to show ads that are within your interests.

Learning a little from their policy, you can use Instagram’s database of over 800 million users to advertise your own brand. It may not be possible to get a lot of likes and followers manually, but you can buy instagram likes to improve your post ratings.

Getting a lot of instagram likes makes your post more visible and hence generates more traffic and interest towards your post.

You might not feel very comfortable with this strategy at first, but that is how most companies get their posts on top. If you don’t do it, you are bound to be left behind in the competition.